Pickett’s Charge Behind the Scenes


Pickett’s Charge Behind the Scenes

On Sunday, September 28th Jason left at 4 in the morning to drive to Santa Clarita to help with the filming of a new movie, Pickett’s Charge. Sky Pirate built the Iron Man copter with 4014 Tiger motors and 17-inch propellers to be used in the movie. Jason also brought along his equipment to catch some behind the scenes footage of the camera crew hard at work.

One person controlled the camera, another person controlled the copter, there was someone driving the car, someone controlling the bartech follow focus which pulls focus, and Jason assisted with balancing the camera on the copter and made sure everything was set up correctly.

The whole process ended up taking about 8 hours.

From the cost of the copter, to the Red Epic, to the cost of the Paralynx transmitter, the entire UAV was worth around 50K!

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