Mountain Boards and Dirt Boards Landing Page's design team recently created a landing page for all of California Kiteboarding's mountain boards and dirtboards. A landing page is a standalone web page separate from your main website that has been specified towards a certain type of product or objective. The landing page should not have any global navigation tied to your primary ...

Window Artwork

Moneytones recently created door and window designs for the store, California Kiteboarding and Sky Pirate. Moneytones used unique graphic design techniques to portray the overall image of the stores.

ESkateboard Postcards

With school now back in session, Moneytones created the graphic design for California Kiteboarding's postcards. The postcards are for new electric skateboards and the postcards will be handed out at both California Polytechnic State University's campus in San Luis Obispo and University of California Santa Barbara's campus.

Pickett’s Charge Behind the Scenes

On Sunday, September 28th Jason left at 4 in the morning to drive to Santa Clarita to help with the filming of a new movie, Pickett's Charge. Sky Pirate built the Iron Man copter with 4014 Tiger motors and 17-inch propellers to be used in the movie. Jason also brought along his equipment to catch some behind the scenes ...
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