The unique features that are contained in the eCommerce store, such as SEO and safety procedures, allow us to make your business thrive. We use eCommerce to give customers the ability to find exactly what they are looking for quickly. From our review system and integration with social media to our one-page checkout, we desire to give you the easiest and most efficient website possible. We also give you the option of looking at your store’s performance to keep up with competing companies.


We Accept Credit Cards

With and PayPal, we make credit card processing easy, safe and affordable.You have maximum control over the checkout experience. We make the checkout process  efficient for the user as well as for the business owner. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted and customers have the option of subscribing to a monthly payment plan.


We offer SEO services such as the eCommerce market to improve your search engine rankings. The eCommerce market conforms to Schema vocabulary to make your business more prevalent on the web.

Store Management

You can easily manage your products in eCommerce by assigning Store Managers day-to-day tasks.


With eCommerce, we have the ability to securely audit your website. We will be sure it meets WordPress security requirements.

Marketing and Promotions

We provide a variety of coupon options on your website. The coupons offered include free shipping, discount options, usage limits and restrictions to the product/user.


With our reporting techniques, you can take a look at how your store is doing by checking out reports per month. You even have the option of viewing these reports by category or individual product.



We develop a review system that is easy-to-use and manage and it is built on WordPress’ comment system. To encourage your reviewers to write a review, we can reward your reviewers with discounts.

One Page Checkout

Customers can check out quickly and efficiently with our one-page checkout. This checkout is guaranteed to be safe with validation at the time of checkout.


We encourage customers to share products on their social media sites. This will put your name and business out there and push others to check out your website.

Calculate Shipping

We create a shipping calculator so customers now have the ability to calculate the cost of their shipping before checking out. We can integrate your store to calculate shipping costs using FedEx, USPS, UPS and other shipping methods.

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