Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of gaining free traffic to a website. Gaining free traffic is done by analyzing and constructing individual web pages and websites so they can be discovered, analyzed, and indexed by search engines. As the Internet grows at a rapid rate, SEO is essential when it comes to performing well on the web. If you want your website to continue to rank well, you must have a content creation strategy in place. SEO makes you choose a focus keyword when you are writing your posts and then places importance on the repetition of using that keyword. The search engines reward websites that continually post new and interesting content containing well-researched keywords.

Better Content

From the snippet preview, we are able to see what the page is going to look like in the search results. We are able to determine if the title is too long or too short or if the meta description makes sense in the context of your search results before we post to make sure that your website looks professional.

Page Analysis

The SEO plugin checks simple things most people forget. It checks whether content is long enough and if it is readable. It makes sure the website has a focus keyword and an alt tag for that post and if the keyword has been used in various places in the content of the page. This plugin favors content that will bring more readers to your site.

Post Titles and Meta Descriptions

SEO allows us to set templates for meta descriptions and titles for all types of pages. We are able to preview what the title and description will look like before actually posting. This allows us to fully optimize your website so that your company is one of the top listings on Google.


For each post, the Breadcrumb code allows us to determine which arrangement best fits your website. We have the ability to determine what title to use for each page and each specific entry in the breadcrumb paths it appears in.

Permalink Clean Up

With just a single click, we can clean up variables that are not supposed to be at the end of your website’s URL. This simple feature guarantees that your content will always be found under the correct URL.

XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are a crucial part of a current day SEO. This plugin allows us to keep certain taxonomies out of your company’s sitemap. The XML sitemap also make your site look good by using an XSLT stylesheet on them, so we can easily read them.

RSS Enhancements

The SEO plugin allows us to add content to both the beginning and the end of your company’s RSS feed. We are able to link back to a blog and a specific blog post. This can be extremely helpful when you have people extracting information from your blog.

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